About my trip

I can't say this trip was years in the planning as it wasn't really. I had thought about doing a trip like this for some time and had at last found a company (one of a few) that went from London to Sydney.  After some research I opted to use a company called UK to OZ who at that time had a 32 week trip going to all of the places I wanted to visit (In particular Iran and Pakistan).

Once I had decided to do this thing I felt that I had to revisit New Zealand as my last visit in 1996 was short and sweet and I only really trekked whilst visiting so didn't really see all that much and I decided that this was the opportunity to reflect that.   So adding a campervan trip in New Zealand to the London to Sydney trip seemed a sensible thing to do and so the Big Trip was born.

The UK to OZ trip is a budget one and anyone wanting to do this must budget for all the optional costs on their list as there is little point in going to some of these countries and not seeing things such as the Potala Palace, the Terracota Warriors, Ankor Wat and many other fascinating and interesting places.

The group size of 40 was, in my opinion, a little too large and unlike other overland trips I have done we didn't really gel as a single cohesive group.  That said, everyone got on (or at least tolerated each other) so we didn't have any major dramas.

If anyone reading this blog is inspired to travel then that's great and I wish you well.  Remember a journey starts with a single step so best foot forward and don't forget ENJOY!!!!

Matt :)
January 2011